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Timber Laying

If you are considering the installation of timber flooring in your home this would be a wise investment as timber adds beauty and warmth to your home and comes with many benefits.


Some of the benefits of timber flooring

  • hard wearing
  • long lasting
  • easy to care for
  • excellent for asthma sufferers as timber floors do not harbour dust mites and other allergens
  • may be resurfaced many times


Which timber to choose?

There are many options available. So, the timber that you chose would depend on your budget, the appearance of the timber in terms of colour and the wear properties of the timber.


At Attractive Flooring we supply and install all types of timber. We have a vast experience in timber laying and knowledge in the different types of timber.


Some examples of timber that we install:



Hardwood timber has many benefits, they are hard wearing and can be re-sanded many times. Hardwood timber is long lasting and if looked after appropriately can last a life time. There is many species to choose from and the hardness of the timber also differs amongst these species. The timber is graded according to the level of visible natural features in the wood.


Colours range from blonde wood like Blackbutt and Tasmanian oak, to browns like Brushbox and red like Jarrah.



Floating timber is becoming increasing popular due to their ease of installation. Floating Timber is prefinished so that no sanding or polishing is required. Floating timber floors are made up of several layers of material with Wood Veneer being the top layer. This timber can be laid directly onto concrete slab.


Floating timber has sound proofing qualities as a foam underlay is used and thus, these floors suit apartments because of their acoustic properties.


Parquetry timber flooring comprises small blocks of timber, laid in one or more of a variety of patterns. The range of patterns available is almost limitless. Parquetry can be bought in panels or preassembled wooden tiles. Parquetry can be laid on concrete or plywood.