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Floor Sanding and Polishing

Polished Timber Floors that once looked attractive may lose their appeal over time due to wear and tear. Resulting in a worn floor that has a dull appearance. The floor may be scratched, have dents, be stained or affected by environmental factors.


Newly installed timber flooring would need to be sanded and polished to protect the bare timber.


Our professional floor sanders will sand and polish your floors using the latest machinery and the best products to make your old floors look new again and new floors look beautiful.


The Floor sanding and polishing process is important to the overall performance and appearance of the timber floor.


The final appearance will depend upon the quality and evenness of the sanding process. This is why at Attractive Flooring our experience and expertise will guarantee the best end results.


There is many types of finishes available. The type of finish used on your floor would depend on the type of timber species, if it is old or new timber, environmental conditions, and the look you are after.



When selecting a finish for your floor you may consider

  • how the surface would wear
  • desired gloss level
  • frequency of maintenance coats



Main Types Of Finishes

Water Borne Finishes

  • Moderate to high wear resistant finish
  • Gloss level - Matt to gloss
  • Some advantages of using a water-based finish is that it has a minimal odour on application and less darkening with time.


Solvent Borne Polyutherane Finishes

  • High wear resistant finish
  • Gloss level - matte through to gloss
  • Maintenance is less frequent


Composite Oil-Based/Solvent Borne Finishes

  • Finishes containing oil-based alkyds with the addition of urethanes. Provide a finish with reasonably good abrasion resistance.
  • Less wear resistant finish
  • Gloss level -  Satin to semi - gloss finish
  • Maintenance is more frequent especially in high traffic areas.



 At Attractive Flooring we will give you advice on the best finish suitable for your floor. When the timber floor is damaged this would have to be fixed before we can sand and polish the floor.


Common reasons for damaged timber floors is

  • water damage
  • scratches and/or dents
  • stains
  • termite damage